The most important thing in music is not in the notes..." (Gustav Mahler)


In November 2014 Wouter was commissioned to compose a work for brass band.


On 16 November his orchestra work 'Cassiopeia' was performed by the Stordal Horn Musikklag (orchestra)

conducted by Nick Ost, in Stordal (Ørskog), Norway.

During the concert Wouter also performed piano solo works including the 'Nocturne' and ‘Dageraad’.

These works can be heard on the compositions page.



Scores for the piano works 'Nocturne', ‘Dageraad' and 'Out of the Blue'

have been published and can be obtained from Metropolis Music Publishers or in any music shop,

including  Crescendo in Antwerp.



In 1997 Wouter was a winner of the 'Jong Tenuto 1997' music competition

for his own work  'Mors Janua Vitae' for piano solo. The diploma was awarded in Anderlecht.

This work can be heard on the compositions page.



On 14/2/2009 Wouter was the winner of the competition ‘Together for peace 2009’ 

for the piano work ‘Nocturne'. For this he received a diploma.


He was commissioned to compose the music for a documentary on the renowned Flemish painter 

Roger RaveelThis documentary is available on DVD, accompanying the book

on the artist’s life entitled De Religie van het Leven. Visit the website of the Roger Raveel Museum.



The jazz band ‘Jazzyfiel’ brought out their first CD, entitled Bonnie's Room.

Wouter was commissioned to compose arrangement for accompanying strings.

The CD is available and can be ordered from info@ or through the Contact page.



Wouter was commissioned to write a work for large wind orchestra and mixed choir.

The piece is called 'Cassiopeia', after the constellation shaped like a 'W' and was specially written

for the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Genoveva Oplinter 

conducted by Nick Ost.  

The work was performed at the 'BOVENAARDS’ concert on 28 November 2009

in the events hall in Tienen. As well as this piece, there were performances of works

by the film composer John Williams, with music

from the films E.T., Star Wars, Superman and Jurassic Park. 





“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music...” (Aldous Huxley)