"Music is the art of thinking with sounds.

    It is the art of conveying imaginative experience with the help of musical notes.

    It may even be the art in which we can most find ourselves."





piano work, composed and recorded in 2008




'Sphere of Awakening' / piano work, composed and recorded in October 2015



'Sphere of Living Waters'
 / piano work, composed and recorded in October 2015



'Dageraad, arrangement for piano & strings'
 / piano work with strings, composed in 2006






"...For me, creating a composition is a quest for the intuitive ordering of sounds

which trigger a specific and subtle atmosphere. The atmosphere that is created this way is important,

because it is the pathway to ecstasy.

Music is something intangible, yet it touches us and brings us to rapture.

It is a journey that everyone experiences differently.

Music is a universal language that can penetrate deep into your soul..."



On the page compositions you can listen to some tracks composed by Wouter.
And on the video page you will find some film clips in which he has composed music.